rajat singh

Rajat Singh

Hi my name is Rajat Singh. Founder & CEO of Fameseller Agency. My passion for web technologies became evident during my college days . I have created a web view Android app of Pune University by watching YouTube videos, thinking that it would help students to get quick access to website links. It became popular within 2-3 months on the Play Store, with almost 10 thousand downloads.

From this point forward, it laid the foundation of my interest in web technologies. Gradually, I self-learned technologies, digital marketing, and brand building.

🎯I have always aspired to solve people’s issues in the online world by creating products that cater to their needs.

In 2020, I created FameSeller.com, a groundbreaking platform that revolutionized the 🛒 buying and selling of social media accounts safely.
I have created numerous 🌐 Websites and 📱 Android applications that are currently dominating the top pages of Google’s search results.

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